We offer you our web based multi-functional stock & inventory management ERP known as V- Freedom. ERP systems, also known as Enterprise Resource software, have come a long way from being bolt-on applications for cash registers. Today, the cash register as the cornerstone piece of retail technology has been replaced by PCs, tablets and mobile devices.
We offer integrated software programs and ERP systems for “mom-and-pop” stores to large retail chains, and everything in between. Our web based solution can handle any combination of checkout, inventory control (Stock) and customer management (CRM). Our system will help you automate the point of sale, improve inventory tracking and enable more effective management of customer data to grow profits and decrease store inefficiencies.

Amazing Features of V-Freedom:-

Our web based stock & inventory management ERP solution is accessible from any location. The web based solution application even allows you to work offline without internet and syncs back up once online again.

Accessible from anywhere

Central Real-time Inventory Management
-We can consolidate all our systems to one inventory.
-We wouldn’t need to send an excel spreadsheet back and forth – we would all have access to one real-time inventory.

Multiple warehouses/locations
-Easy to transferring inventory from one store to another.
-It is built in so that we can transfer inventory from one store to another with it being very easy.

Point of Sales Capability
-Save your time, increase accuracy and provide greater control over what happens at the sales counter.
-With the aid of User friendly screen interfaces, you can process your sales quickly and efficiently.
-It will enhance operation, providing with increased speed, accuracy and control of inventory – all of which lead to increased profits and more time to focus on growing business.
-Free training for staff as easy to learn.
-Prints sales orders and invoices.
-Handles the visibility of sales, purchases, stock counts, etc based on the roles assigned to users.

Web Integration for Inventory
-You are able to login through any browser on any platform and see customers, inventory, and everything that is accessible through the web.

Ability to have bar-code scanning

Inventory Feature Highlights:

Below are some of the inventory features that come with our ERP web based solution.

Stock Transfers
View stock levels across locations with ease.
Transferring inventory from one store to another is just few clicks away.

Sales Promotions
Freedom to create rules and implement your choice of Sales Promotions. From buy one get one to % off next purchase, giving you the freedom to create, run, and later view powerful reports on Promotions.

Our web based ERP solution makes life easier for multi-store businesses. Accessing customer records, pulling comparison reports between locations, making inventory transfers and adding new locations can be done instantly.

Purchasing/Receiving Feature Highlights:

Purchase Order Creation
Create Purchase orders to be sent out to suppliers by email, or print out and send the hard-copy.

Purchase Order Receiving
Track Purchase Order status to see what has arrived and what is in transit. Write off damaged goods, and track partial orders.

Stock Replenishment Report
One report to truly revolutionize the ordering process. One click of a button adds quantities based on restock level, one more click to generate Purchase Order documents to the multiple suppliers associated.

Purchasing Report
Clean report by Supplier and/or products ordered in given date range. View & print from anywhere, at anytime.

Point of Sale Features:

Suspend Sale
Place sales on hold and reopen at later time for speedy checkout. Add product. Found item not in the system? No problem, add or edit products on the fly right at ERP.

Create returns with ease, option to print receipts with scan able bar-code to speed up the process.

Speedy Product Lookup
Query products by name or code, scan bar-codes, or select items from inventory list to add them to the transaction.

Real time X-report
View registers totals with breakdown of payment type at the ERP with real-time data. Real-time updating means administrators viewing current numbers from anywhere at anytime.

Mobile Selling
Run on any device with a web browser that provides the freedom of mobility.


Sales Order/Invoice Report
It shows details for all the Sales Order/Invoices generated in the ERP system within a specified date range.

Cashier’s Report
It shows details for the Cash/Check/Credit Card Payment/Receipt made on Purchase Order/Sales Order respectively within a specified date range.

Purchase Order/Receipt Report
It shows details for all the Purchase Order/Receipt generated in the ERP system within a specified date range.

Inventory Status Report
This report shows the Status of the Stock i.e., Cost, Total Qty.

Stock Transfer Report
This reports show details for all the Stock Transfer occurred within a specified date range.


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